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Episode #77 - Deals Available In January

January 12, 2018

It may be a New Year but did you know that in January you can also scoop some pretty good deals? Retailers and other businesses want/need your business in January and will cut you some pretty good discounts. In this episode, George Elliott looks at some of the better ones.


Episode #76 - Lifeskills That Come From Hockey Play-By-Play

January 6, 2018

George Elliott has been providing play-by-play coverage of the local Junior B hockey team for eight seasons. He has applied several different lifeskills to the process and has also pulled lifeskills from the games into his daily life. This podcast episode discusses how valuable different lifeskills can be.


Episode #75 - Benefits Of Black Licorice

December 30, 2017

Licorice is tasty. George Elliott has had a fondness for black licorice for a long time. Only recently he has looked into whether or not it really is good for you. Did you know there is such a thing as good and bad licorice? Find out more in this podcast episode.


Episode #74 - Bad New Year’s Resolutions

December 22, 2017

George Elliott and his wife Brenda do not make resolutions for the New Year. In this podcast episode join him as he explores the top 5 worst New Year's Resolution and how you can possibly succeed with them. It's a slightly different Ninja On The Loose this time around.


Episode #73 - My Phone Message To A Phone Scammer

December 15, 2017

Thanks to recent phone calls received at the home of George Elliott, there is apparently a warrant for his arrest that has been issued by CRA. This happens to be a well-known phone scam. In this episode, Elliott returns their call and leaves a lengthy message on their system. It's a funny and unusual podcast from the Ninja on the Loose.


Episode #72 - Ways To Turn Fear Into Motivation

December 8, 2017

George Elliott visits a topic that he wrote about this past week for a freelance client and digs a little deeper into it. Do you use fear for motivation? In this episode you will learn a few tricks to help you turn that fear into a source of imspiration.


Episode #71 - Worst Birthday Gifts

December 1, 2017

George Elliott has a birthday in December. Not that having one close to Christmas isn't bad enough, but what about those bad birthday presents? In this episode he looks at what could be considered bad birthday gifts and why you should refrain from giving them.


Episode #70 - How To Choose A Charity To Support

November 24, 2017

Christmastime tends to be the time of year when many choose to support a charity. If you have been considering this, George Elliott provides you with some helpful tips on how to choose that charity in this podcast episode. There are ways to pick a good fit and the tips here will help you to do that.


Episode #69 - Winter Driving Mistakes

November 17, 2017

George Elliott and his wife, Brenda have a fair deal of experience when it comes to winter driving. They see a lot of things on the road that make them think some others do not. Here is a look at some winter driving mistakes and how you can avoid them.


Episode #68 - Reasons To Honour Veterans

November 11, 2017

Veterans are around us daily although we pause on one day a year to observe a moment of silence. In this episode, George Elliott shares reasons why we should honour veterans on a regular basis. Having had a father who was a veteran of two World Wars, Remembrance Day has a different meaning in his life.