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Podcast #2 - Stay Organized Like Me! Use A List

July 28, 2016

G-Money is a busy guy. No, really, he is a freakin busy guy. But how does he get so much done in an average day, week, month, year or century? He stays organized. How does he stay organized? He uses lists. Seriously. From listing out the grocery shopping list to whatever tasks are planned for his day, George Elliott keeps moving forward because he knows what he has to do each day. Do you use a list for anything? Do you forget things? Well, guess what? A list may have saved you that problem. Ninja on the Loose this time is on lists. Be sure to add Ninja on the Loose to your list of favourite podcasts!


Podcast #1 - Introduction: Why I’m Doing A Podcast

July 24, 2016

The first podcast for George Elliott (G-Money) features information on his media background and introduces you to why he thinks you will find his stripped down, old school, one-take, simple audio approach interesting. He also explains why he has become a podcaster with a Top 5 List of reasons. He is honest, straightforward and intends to include teachings and lessons on various everyday items as the content of future podcasts. He credits Cali Lewis as inspiring his interest in podcasts and invites you to visit his website at to learn more about him.