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Podcast #6 - Tips on Webcasting/Podcasting

August 28, 2016

In celebration of returning to the webcast booth for the 2016/17 season for the local Junior B KIJHL Princeton Posse, G-Money shares practical tips in this podcast on webcasting and/or podcasting. George Elliott spent six seasons and the internet play-by-play announcer for the team and after a two year absence was approached by the Posse coaching staff this week to return to the club as their webcaster. You can find out more about the team at


Podcast #5 - Save $$$ Grocery Shopping

August 20, 2016

G-Money loves food. What he loves more than food is saving money buying food. When it comes to grocery shopping you need to be armed with the tools that will stretch your budget and save you some cash. George Elliott has been there with a very tight budget and nothing in his cupboard to eat. It was at that time he developed some handy, practical and cost saving shopping habits and shares them with you in this podcast. Save today on your next trip to the grocery store! You can learn more about Ninja on the Loose at his website!


Podcast #4 - Beginner Freelance Writing Tips

August 13, 2016

G-Money (George Elliott) has been writing freelance web content since January 2014. It started as a part-time pastime but has turned into a regular source of income for him. In this episode of Ninja on the Loose you will learn how to get started as a freelance writer. Even if you have been writing freelance for a while, you will find the tips contained in this podcast valuable and helpful as well as encouraging. Elliott has written and published an e-book on the subject of applying for and receiving your first freelance writing job. It can be found at: Write Like Me!


Podcast #3 - How to Run A Meeting Efficiently

August 2, 2016

Have you ever been to a meeting that just doesn't seem to flow or runs way too long? Seriously, everyone has better things to do than sit through another department meeting that sucks the life out of you and the room by the time it nears the finish line. G-Money has sat through hundreds of meetings. He has also chaired as many in his capacity of sitting on various non-profit organization boards. He has a system that works and it is very simple...and he shares it here. Trust us, this one won't put you to sleep or make you wonder why you bothered downloading it. Ninja on the Loose talks about running a better meeting to keep everyone happy.