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Podcast #10 - 5 Things I Do Not Understand (Round One)

September 28, 2016

In celebration of his tenth podcast episode, G-Money goes off the chart and shares with you a short list of five things he does not quite grasp. George Elliott had many examples of pet peeves, questions and unexplained circumstances to choose from but was able to narrow it down to just five in this episode. He promises to list more in future episodes. To find out more about the Looseink Freelance Ninja, check out his website!


Podcast #9 - Creating A Brand For Your Service/Product

September 22, 2016

Branding is not an easy task but if you know what kind of image you intend to use, it is easier. G-Money has created and promoted more than one brand image and has seen many others. In this podcast George Elliott discusses tips and tricks to save you some of the problems you may encounter if you brand incorrectly. These tips are simple and easy to follow by anyone trying to figure out a way to market themselves. Be sure to LIKE the Looseink Freelance Ninja Facebook page!


Podcast #8 - Become A Better Vendor

September 14, 2016

2016 has been an interesting year for G-Money. After losing his storefront business location, his wife's homemade canning products - identified as JamBusters! - were without a place to be displayed or sold. So, in order to keep the brand alive, George Elliott and Brenda Engel became travelling vendors. In the process they discovered ways of becoming better at it. In this episode discover tips on how to make your product stand out from the rest. 


Podcast #7 - Maintain Your Sister City Relationship

September 6, 2016

Sister City and Twin Town programs are nothing new and if your community has one, do you participate in keeping the relationship strong and active? G-Money (George Elliott) was one of the original members of a delegation that saw his community twin with Tonasket, Washington in a Sister City relationship to foster friendship and goodwill between them. In this podcast learn ways in which a Sister City relationship can work and gain strength from within and why it is important to support your twinned community.