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Podcast #18 - Why You Should Have A Blog

November 24, 2016

G-Money had to be talked into having his first blog but now that he has been writing blog posts for various freelance clients, he sees the effectiveness in having one. In this episode George Elliott reviews why he uses a blog and how it can enhance your website - especially if you are using a website for e-commerce. Find out more about him at Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #17 - Why You Should Be A Volunteer

November 18, 2016

G-Money has been a volunteer within his community for several years and has sat on many different non-profit organization boards. Here he takes a look at why it is important to him to give freely of his time and skills and why you should think about doing the same. George Elliott covers many good reasons to volunteer in your community in this podcast. You can find him online at Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #16 - How To Start Over At 55

November 10, 2016

George Elliott knows first-hand how important it is to not retire if you are not ready for it. He also knows what it is like to have to start over after closing a business at 55. Here G-Money offers tips on how Baby Boomers can get a leg up on competition by starting new employment opportunities later in life. He has an eBook on the subject that will be released later this month. To find out more visit Midlife Career Changes.


Podcast #15 - Benefits Of Working From Home

November 3, 2016

To mark the beginning of his third month of officially working full-time from home, G-Money takes a look at the benefits of a home office environment. Although George Elliott has been working from home for many years, it was only just small projects on a very part-time busy. Now he has a home-based business he is using as his primary source of income. Learn how to benefit from working from home in this podcast episode and check out his new project at Midlife Career Changes.