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Podcast #40 - Developing Good Conversation Skills

April 29, 2017

G-Money talks a lot. Sometimes he has interesting things to say. Sometimes he can carry a good conversation. Sometimes he's sort of boring to listen to. In this episode George Elliott shares with you tips on how to be better at conversation with others. It is an important skill to have and the tips here are easy to use. Elliott has also just published a new eBook titled Someone Stole Our Rhubarb.


Podcast #39 - Public Speaking Tips

April 21, 2017

You've been asked to make a public presentation. It's not your favourite thing to do, but you can handle it. For some simple ideas to make it even easier on you, G-Money shares his top tips on public speaking in this podcast episode. George Elliott can show you how to nail that speech and it won't even make you nervous!


Podcast #38 - Top Worst Job Interview Questions

April 14, 2017

Here's a scenerio for you: you are sitting in on a job interview. The questioning is going fine until the HR person says, "Do you have any questions for me/us?" Then the strange stuff starts. G-Money has looked into some of the most unusual questions asked during job interviews by the prospective new hire. George Elliott reviews his Top 5 Picks in this episode.


Podcast #37 - Why You Should Recycle

April 6, 2017

G-Money and his wife, Brenda are recyclers. They have very little garbage that leaves their home weekly for the garbage truck. In this episode, George Elliott reviews reasons why recycling is a good habit to get into at home.