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Podcast #44 - Places To Find Freelance Work

May 28, 2017

G-Money recorded a podcast several months ago on tips for freelance writing. In this episode George Elliott names names identifying the top five places he has received freelance work from. They will work for you as well! Find out more about his freelance writing business by visiting Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #43 - Ways To Enjoy The Good Life

May 20, 2017

George Elliott says you are probably already living the good life. He also knows that as far as he's concerned, the good life does not always have to be related to riches. In this podcast episode, G-Money shows you how you can live a good life by being happy with what you have and not what you want. Follow him on Facebook at Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #42 - Why Rain Is Good

May 11, 2017

Rain, rain, go away...come again another day. Actually, there are some very good reasons for rain and in this podcast episode G-Money will share some with you. Rain does more than cancel outdoor activities. Find out why it is a good thing to have on a regular basis and visit George Elliott's website at Looseink Freelance Ninja to find out more about him.


Podcast #41 - Excuses For Filing Income Tax Late

May 4, 2017

G-Money is typically late when it comes to filing income tax paperwork. He usually has a good excuse but in this episode he shares some of his excuses and excuses of others who claim to be late for a really good reason. George Elliott was inspired to produce this episode because only today (May 3rd) he got around to putting together the documents he needs for income tax purposes this year.