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Podcast #48 - Things I Wish I Knew In Grade 12

June 24, 2017

It's graduation season and that means a lot of young, fresh and excited young men and women are about to enter the real world. In honour of this, George Elliott takes a look at the five things he wish he knew when he was graduating. G-Money can be found online at Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #47 - Have Fun With Telemarketers

June 17, 2017

G-Money gets a lot of phone calls these days from people trying to sell him stuff. They are telemarketers and although they are doing a job, many of them are just annoying. In this podcast episode George Elliott shares tricks he has and continues to use when dealing with one of these pesky phone calls. Learn more about him at Looseink Freelance Ninja.


Podcast #46 - Things Deer Don’t Eat In Our Yard

June 9, 2017

Gardeners have always had to deal with pests. In G-Money's neighbourhood it's deer. They will destroy virtually anything you plant. However, George Elliott and his wife Brenda have discovered a number of plants that deer won't touch. Here is a short list of them to save your garden!


Podcast #45 - Things To Do When You Win The Lottery

June 2, 2017

George Elliott does not play the lottery, although he did several years ago. His luck was not good but maybe yours is better. If you win a big jackpot do you know what to do in order to not spend it all too soon? In this podcast episode G-Money gives you the best free advice you will ever receive.